The Finance and Administration management is performed by full Council.  The full
Council operates in accordance with the Parish Council’s Standing Orders and Finance
Regulations as agreed and reviewed from time to time.  The Clerk is designated as the
Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) and provides administrative support to the council
for Finance and administration.  Its responsibilities can be summarised in the following categories:

• General financial oversight
• Funding including grant applications.
• Financial planning and budgeting
• Financial reporting to Council and the public
• Banking, bookkeeping and record keeping.
• Control of fixed assets.

The Parish Council’s main source of income is the precept; the main council considers
at what level to set this annual levy and monitors the council’s spending.  The precept
forms part of every parishioners Council Tax bill.  It is the duty of the council to set the
correct monetary amount of the precept necessary, to enable the Parish Council to fulfil
its commitments.  During the annual budgetary review, the council aim to retain or
increase services with a minimum precept increase.

 View Financial Regulations Document 


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