Highways covers roads, signage, street-lighting, drainage and flooding, and safety. The Parish of Ringwould with Kingsdown has a combination of: 

  • public highways for which Kent County Council is responsible
  • un-adopted / private roads maintained by a number of different Road Associations
  • roads which are owned by the Parish Council. 


KCC manages work to the public highways and the pipes and cables below and above it.

Virtually real time information on roadworks, planned or current, and the type of traffic control and likely disruption caused, is available on roadworks.gov.uk – the webpage can be customised to match the level of information required and can provide alerts on a route or cover an area of interest.


Speed Limit

The maximum speed limit on the public roads throughout the village of Kingsdown is 20 mph for all road users. Private roads set their own speed limits, which may be lower than 20mph.  

These speed limits are set for safety reasons and also apply to cyclists.

Cyclists should reduce their speed when approaching pedestrians, particularly when travelling downhill on the cycle track from St. Margaret’s to Oldstairs Road, on Upper Street, or The Rise.

Lorry Watch

Lorry Watch is a scheme run by local residents. Community volunteers record details of lorries that are suspected of using unsuitable roads or not sticking to the limits and restrictions. Once the information is collected, it is passed to Kent Police who can find the vehicle’s registered keeper.

Report a lorry using restricted roads

Signage and Street lighting

Report a damaged or missing road sign
Report a damaged or missing street light 

Drainage and Flooding 

KCC has produced short guides which explain the services they provide and how they are delivered. They explain their legal responsibilities and also the roles and responsibilities of others. Press on the links below for more information on the relevant topics. 

Maintenance of roadside drains
Advice on how to create a flood plan

What can be done to ensure drains are maintained effectively?

If fallen leaves are covering the gully grills and you can safely remove them then please do. When removing leaves from the drains, be careful not to step into traffic on the road and be aware of pedestrians on the pavements. Don’t lift the drain covers or put your hands into the drain as there may be sharp objects you cannot see. Wearing gloves is always a good idea if you are clearing leaves. 

If you have blocked drains that are posing a risk to safety or affecting homes and you are unable to clear them, please report them. The best way to do this is with the online drain fault reporting tool which also allows you to track your enquiry.



Driving in bad weather - Find out more at kentroadsafety.com

Last year, over 200 pedestrians and cyclists, aged 12 to 16, were injured on Kent and Medway roads.

For more facts about drinking and driving and to see KCC’s latest campaign visit road safety.

Drug driving is detectable at the roadside. 



If there are any other matters you wish to draw to our attention contact the Parish Clerk.